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Sample World

Read and get zip file from the download button.

Terms of Use - 12 Apr. 2022 -

  1. DO NOT redistribute this world data.
  2. When images or videos of play using the distributed products are published and revenue is generated. Be sure to include in the content the name of the distribution and the URL ( linking to this site.
    (Example of revenue)
    • Advertising revenue earned by publishing videos of your works
    • Income of Super Chat obtained by showing your works by YouTube, etc.
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  3. Refrain from any other self-made remarks or plagiarism.

The producer / distributor is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of downloading or using this. Please understand it.

MiniaTuria CIT Sample 1.18.2 [v 1.0] - 13 Apr 2022 MiniaTuria CIT Sample 1.17.1 [v 1.0] - 13 Apr 2022 MiniaTuria CIT Sample 1.16.5 [v 1.0] - 13 Apr 2022 MiniaTuria CIT Sample 1.14.4 [v 1.0] - 13 Apr 2022

How to install

  1. If you have created a game directory (folder), open its "saves" folder, otherwise open the "C:\Users\(PC username)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves" folder.
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  3. Next, click on the corresponding Minecraft version of the download button above and open the downloaded zip file. Click and drag the folder inside into the saves folder opened in step 1.
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  5. Launch Minecraft! Select "Singleplay" and if you see "MiniaTuria CIT Sample", you have succeeded. Click in!
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