FAQs - MiniaTuria Mod

Q. How do I install this mod on Minecraft?

Q. I can't launch Minecraft with this mod.

  • Since the allocated memory is insufficient, increase it if possible.
  • If you have enough memory but it crashes, it may not be compatible with other mods. Please try without any other mods other than Forge and OptiFine.

Q. how to increase the allocated memory ?

  • Try searching for "Minecraft memory allocation".

Q. I can't increase the allocated memory.

  • By rewriting the "JVM Arguments" in the "Edit installation" section of the Minecraft launcher, you can reduce memory consumption without increasing memory allocation. MiniaTuria Mod Release Page > Installation explains how to rewrite it.

Q. I installed this mod, but a lot of textures don't appear.

  • Make sure you have the corresponding resource pack in your resource packs folder and that they are applied correctly in OptiFine settings window.

Q. Textures don't connect nicely.

  • Make sure you have OptiFine. If so, open, on Minecraft top screen or play screen, "Options" > "Video Settings" > "Quality", and set "Connected Textures" to "Fancy").

Q. I have a block I want to use, but it is not displayed in the tab.

  • You can find it by hitting one of the similar blocks with the "MiniaTuria Hammer" (right-click to reveal the hidden type).

Q. Can I use it with cocricot mod, Rojiura mods, etc?

  • You need at least 6-8 GB allocated memory, but depending on the memory of your PC, you can use mods at the same time.
  • However, it has been found that when the resource packs of each mod are used at the same time, textures of the vanilla block are not displayed properly. The simultaneous use may destroy the original expression of each mod, so it is difficult to recommend it from the creator's point of view.

Q. Can I port the textures of this mod to a pack for Bedrock Edition ?

  • There is no problem within the scope of personal use, but please refrain from distributing it (please see the terms of use).
  • Bedrock Edition doesn't have a way to reproduce OptiFine's ability to connect textures (?). So you may not be able to port textures correctly.
  • I would like to make an integrated pack here as well! (Schedule undecided ...)

Q. The selection line in Worldedit CUI is no longer visible when using MiniaTuria Mod at the same time.

  • In the Worldedit CUI settings, check Always on top.