The #MiniaTuriaChallenge is a small event where you can challenge yourself to build in MiniaTuria according to a theme and share screenshots in X. The period is irregular, one week! Let's all play with MiniaTuria! 🎉

24th Build Theme

Pavement Cafe

17:00 Sat. 20 Jul 2024
21:00 Sun. 28 Jul

How to Join

  1. Check out MiniaTuria Twitter account (@MiniaturiaR) for the tweet announcing the event theme and period!
  2. Within 1 week of the event, start building on the theme with MiniaTuria!
  3. When you've finished, take a screenshot/screenshots and post it/them with the hashtags "#MiniaTuriaChallenge" and "#MiniaTuria" and the theme within the period!
    • 1 post per work (1-4 images), no additional replies
  • Mix with other texture packs or building mods
  • Capture with past works (possible to capture terrain or buildings from past works in the background)
  • Shader use, rendering, image processing
  • NPCs Placement
  • Submit multiple works(posts)
  • Live streaming, making videos
  • Free to add other hashtags.
  • You can tweet at any time during the period!

  • I may use a post summarizing service to summarize your postings during the period.
  • (Works that do not conform to the purpose of participation above, or works that are offensive to public order and morals will be excluded.)
  • Private challenges using past themes are welcome!

Past Themes