MiniaTuria 1.7.10


1. Overview

A texture pack for building in Minecraft JE 1.7.10 creative Mode. With cute textures, it enables many genres of architectures, from medieval fantasy to Western Modern style, from Japanese, Chinese style to tropical style.

Nakahama-san's work
built by Nakahama-san
Abundant furniture

Abundant furniture, such as country, antique and Modern styles

American diner

Have a colorful American diner!

Cardboardman's work
built by Cardboardman

Electric wires, wheels and Japanese tiles. Taisho-Roman style city!


Chinese-style windows and decorations!
* All pictures are taked with Oceano Shaders 2.0.

The pack has been released, but it is not yet complete𿘂 Repeat the update and aim for completion! See Update Notes for detail


Metadata / Biomes

More than 1,200 textures can be used using Metadata values and biome changes.

64 * 64px textures

This pack basically uses 32 * 32px resolution textures, but using 64 * 64px textures for plants, expresses a detailed and beautiful landscape.


“Better Foliage”, the Mod that enriches natural expression, is applied to cylinders, drums and so on.

pseudo 3D expression

Using CTM (Connected Textures Mod), built-in function of OptiFine, enables pseudo 3D expression in 1.7.10 where 3D Model editing is impossible.

CTM roofs

CTM is used to make the connection natural, such as the roof tile orientation and awning pattern.

Reflected glass and metal

Supports specular mapping. When a shader is used, light is reflected only at specific parts, creating a glass or metallic character.

Japanese and Chinese-style

Japanese and Chinese-style materials! You can make a Taisho Roman city, Japanese and Western mix city, and Chinatown in a Western-style town.


Supported Minecraft version
Java Edition v.1.7.10
Allocated Memory required
2 GB ~
Supported Game Mode
Creative Mode

Required Mods

To load the texture correctly.
Download >> Show all versions >> Minecraft 1.7.10 >> OptiFine HD U E7
To freely manipulate block metadata, move, replace, and change biomes.
Minecraft Forge MC 1.7.10
To use Mods
Download >> Recommended

Recommended Mod

Lot Meta Block Pack
(Recommended for both single / multi)
Enable to change the metadata of the block easily.
(Highly recommended)
Specific textures such as leaf blocks and cylinders will be expressed as designed by the pack.(Since the processing method differs depending on the Mod version, please use the version specified in this pack)
Download >> MC1.7.10-2.0.17

Multi-server play environment

Recommended Plugins
World Edit
(for Bukkit 1.7.10)
Biome Edit
Enable to change biomes using brushes. (without logging in to the server again)
Voxel Sniper
Enable to change biomes using brushes, in addition to being convenient for editing terrains. (without logging in to the server again)
Meta Cycler
Enable to change the metadata / biomes using brushes.
World Guard required
Lot Meta Block Plugin
Required to use the Lot Meta Block Mod on the server.
Mush Place
Flowers and mushrooms (containing small textures for miscellaneous goods) can be put in places where they cannot normally be put directly.


To use this resource pack, install required mods and packs according to the following help. We strongly recommend your introduction of Better Foliage Mod.
Please search explanation websites for how to build servers, metadata, Mod / Plugin, installation method, etc.

About textures

"Catalog (in Japanese)" and "Sample World" are useful to know what kind of texture is available.


Unlike the "Catalog", the "Sample World" is characterized by being arranged in the order of the metadata values.

Biomes Chart

Roof textures that can be produced with biomes and window and interior textures ... Different biome products cannot be produced at the same time! …… I tried to solve these problems in construction with my own biome system.

Biomes Chart

The roof biomes are divided into three groups, and the interior and roof textures can be freely displayed within the biome group. Please refer to the table above and try it in Minecraft.