Minecraft BE Add-on
"MiniaTuria Furniture"


Watch this instructional video.


At long last, "MiniaTuria" is coming to Minecraft BE! This is a block-adding add-on ported from the MiniaTuria Mod. Foods, furniture, lamps, etc. (this addon does'nt operate like JE Mod version). You can even play in survival mode!

Various food and drinks!
Tables can be transformed and connected!
Lots of 3D goods! More to come with updates!
The Hammer from Java Mod! (Functions vary)
Stuffed Rabbits and other rare items are also in stock.✨
The base texture is not yet ready.


Supported Minecraft version
BE 1.16.100 1.17 or higher (Holiday Creator function supported)
Supported platforms
- PC with Windows 10 or above
- Smart phone
- Nintendo Switch, PS4, etc. are not supported.
Supported Game Modes
Survivre Mode / Creative Mode

Release Contents

"MiniaTuria Furniture"
Add-on pack, that contains a behavior pack and a resource pack.


  1. First, download the add-on pack, double click! A Behavior pack and a resource pack inside will be automatically imported into Minecraft.
  2. Explanation1-1
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  3. Importing add-ons is not enough! An add-on is installed only after it has been incorporated into each world data. I will explain it here for a new world!

    First, from the title screen, go to "Play" > "Create New" > "Create New World".
    "Experiments" > "Holiday Creator Features" Click!
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    Explanatory image2-2
    If you agree, Turn on.
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    Make sure the switch is on the right side.

     If you also turn on "Cheats" here, Console commands will be available.

  5. Next, let's activate the behavior pack! Select "Behavior Packs" in the lower left corner, click "Available" and find the "MiniaTuria Furniture" you have already imported. "Activate"!
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     You can't earn Achievements...attention!

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  7. Once you've activated the behavior pack, you should automatically have the resource pack running too! Then "Create" a new world!
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  9. Open your inventory in the new world, and if you see the additional blocks in the recipe book and creative tabs, you've successfully installed MiniaTuria Furniture!🎉
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How to get the blocks in Survival Mode

  1. To get the additional blocks, let's craft the "Element Blocks" first! There are five types in total. Food Element, Decoration Element, Furniture Element, Lighting Element, and Rare Element.
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    Recipes for each are listed in the catalog. Sugar is used as a base. Let's grow Sugar Canes!

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  3. Once you have created the elemental blocks, use the Stone Cutter to cut them into pieces! You can take out an ornament corresponding to each element!
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  5. After placing a decorative block, right-click on it with the "MiniaTuria Hammer" to change its type and color! The effect is the same if you right-click with the same block.
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  7. Once a element box is replaced with a decorative block, it cannot be restored. It's a good idea to store them in the warehouse until you are ready to start building the interior! (into chests, if you prefer)
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How to get the blocks in Creative Mode

  1. Just type in "miniaturia" in the serch tab and you'll get all the "elemental blocks", hammer, etc. It can also be found on each tab. The way it develops from here is the same as selected Survival Mode.
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    Tips Apron and hat have the same durability as diamond equipment
  3. You can use console commands if you turn on "Cheats" during Survival Mode or if you are in Creative Mode (cheats auto on). Just find the block you want out in the catalog and enter the command shown (/function mt_xxx) and you're good to go!
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    If it's the same kind of block, you get them all at once!
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Available Blocks List

The "catalog" on this site will tell you what blocks you can get out of any box of any Element!

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The color coding of the tabs in the catalog corresponds to the colors of Element Blocks. The catalog is divided into categories such as "Foods" and "Furniture", etc.

Browse Catalog