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  • This website titled as "MiniaTuria - Minecraft Textures & Mods" is a personnal site administrated by hasukko.
  • The purpose of this site consists in distributing texture resource packs used in the sandbox game "Minecraft" and sending related informations.


  • All rights to the files, images, information, and other content on this site are reserved by the author Hasuko. Please be aware that copying, duplicating or reprinting without permission contents such as file data, image data, and informations on this site will infringe on copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
  • The resource packs and other data distributed on this site are personal creations. So thay have nothing to do with Mojang and Microsoft, the copyright owners of Minecraft.

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  • Please link to this site basically at the HOME (the top page of the entire site).
  • Link Title: " MiniaTuria - Minecraft Textures & Mods "
  • Link URL: https://miniaturia.club/
  • In introducing a resource pack, you can link to the introduction page of the pack. In that case, please link to the top page (introduction page) of the pack, not the download page.
  • Please refrain from linking directly to image files, not the pages on this site, because this will lead to server load. Also, please refrain from making direct links to data files and css / JavaScript files.


  • Although I try to post accurate informations on this site, it may nevertheless include incorrect informations and typographical errors. With this in mind, this site shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by using some incorrect informations or contents on this site. In addition, this site may change or update informations without notice.