Hasukko's Outfit Pack


Hasukko's Outdit Pack [Xmas]
Hasukko's Outdit Pack [Xmas] Lineup
This is a resource pack to change your armors into original outfits. Currently distributed only for Christmas version.

Terms of Use

In any case, the copyright of Mod and textures belongs to the author (Hasuko), and the copyright and related rights are not abandoned nor transferred to anyone.

  1. IT IS only for personal uses THAT you can customize the contents of this pack or mix them in the other resource pack (but you should respect its user policy).
  2. IT IS if you do not receive any money THAT you can publish your creations including the contents of this pack (screenshots, videos, live-streamings, pamphlets, etc).
  1. You should descrive the title of this pack (Hasukko's Outdit Pack) for the following usages:
    • To distribute mixed resourcepacks for more than one person in order to the sightseeing of your map.
    • To share the textures of this pack with your server members. * You should make this user policy known to all members.
    • To publish your creations including as materials the contents of this pack to receive money (for exemple, video advertisement, weblog affiliate).
  1. To redistribute this pack itself or its contents themselves.
  2. To treat the contents of this pack for the commercial use.


The producer / distributor is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of downloading or using this pack. Please understand it.

Please download from this button, only if you agree to the above terms.

Hasukko's Outfit Pack [Xmas] Minecraft BE 1.16-1.17 Hasukko's Outfit Pack [Xmas] Minecraft JE 1.11-1.12