What is MiniaTuria ?

MiniaTuria is the name of Mod and resource pack made for "Minecraft"(Java Edition) .

" I want to build something with colorful cute textures ! "
" I want to enjoy building various types of architecture in Creative Mode ! "

In order to make come true these wiches, MiniaTuria offers to you many pop and colorful textures.

Currently, only Java Edition versions 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 are supported, but we plan to expand to the latest version and Bedrock Edition in the future.


Beautiful nature

Various building materials


Release Lineup

  • MiniaTuria 1.7.10

    Architectural textures using abundant metadata.

  • MiniaTuria 1.12.2

    Set of architectural mods and textures.

  • Hasukko's Outfit Pack

    Resource pack to change your armors to your original outfits.


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