How to use the resource pack in Minecraft - JE1.7.10

0. Introduction

This article explains how to use a downloaded pack in Minecraft (JE1.7.10) and how to enable Connected Textures Mod (CTM) that is necessary to MiniaTuria.

Minecraft JE1.7.10
OptiFine must be installed.
Resource pack
distributed as a zip file.

1. How to put a resource pack from the game screen after starting Minecraft

  1. Launch Minecraft (OptiFine installed). Open "Options" on top screen or play screen.
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  3. Open "Download".
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  5. Click "Open resource pack folder" to open the folder where resource packs are stored.
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  7. Click and drag "MiniaTuria 1.7.10" zip (downloaded from this page) into the opened folder. Even if you return to Minecraft screen, the pack will not be displayed in the “Available Resource Packs” column as it is, so press “Done” to close it.
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  9. If you select and open "Resource Packs" again, the pack should be displayed in the list. Click on ▲ mark that appears when you place the cursor on the icon. The pack icon will then move to "Selected Resource Packs". At last, press "Done".
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  11. It will take a while to load and it will harden a little ... In some cases, the Minecraft window may turn white. Let's wait without fear!
    If reading is complete and settings screen and title screen have changed, installation was successful! Delicious textures!
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2. How to put directly a resource pack into the game directory

  1. There is another way to add resource packs to Minecraft before starting it (or anytime). If you have created a game directory (folder) for 1.7.10, open the “resourcepacks” folder in that folder, otherwise in the “.minecraft” folder. Put the resource pack zip there.
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  3. Start Minecraft (1.7.10 with OptiFine). Go to “Options” > “Download”.
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    Explanation image2-2
  5. The pack that you put in the folder is displayed in the “Available Resource Packs” field. When you place the cursor on the icon, ▲ mark will appear. Click it to move the pack icon to the “Selected Resource Packs” field. Finally "Done".
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  7. After a while, if loading is complete and the settings screen and title screen have changed, the installation is successful!
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3. Enable CTM

The texture may not be reflected as designed simply by inserting the pack. Let's set up your Minecraft first so that CTM works.
  1. Open "Options"> "Video Settings"> "Quality" on Minecraft top screen or play screen.
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    Explanation image3-1
  3. Sellect "Connected Textures" and set "Fancy". (If it was originally set, leave it as is) The resource pack is now ready for use!
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