How to open Sample World in Minecraft

0. Introduction

This article explains procedures for opening in Minecraft the Sample World data distributed on this site. There are two ways : single play and multi-server.

They are procedures common to save data in general, so please refer to them when playing in the general distributed MAP data.

As described in JE 1.7.10, this content is common to all versions of Java Minecraft. (Not common with Bedrock Edition)
(When opening on the server)
Explanation of Bukkit, but the basic procedure is the same for Mod servers such as Cauldron, Thermos, etc.
Sample World Data
Distributed as a zip file.

1. Open in Single Play

  1. If you have created a game directory (folder), open "saves" folder in that folder, otherwise open "saves" folder in ".minecraft" folder.
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  3. With the “saves” folder open, double-click the sample world zip file downloaded from this site. In Windows, you can right-click and select "Extract all (T)" in order to unzip the zip file, but this time, zip is treated as a folder without unzipping. When you open it, you find two objects : save data folder named "SampleWorld v xx" and "Terms of Use.txt".

    Note : the contents of "Terms of Use.txt" are accepted when the data is downloaded. (Same sentences on the download page)
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  5. Click and drag "Sample World" folder from the zip into "saves" folder. Then a copy is created in "saves".
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  7. Start Minecraft. Select "Single" on the title screen and check if "Sample World" data is displayed on the world selection screen (if not displayed, there may be a directly mistake in the folder placed in "saves". So please check).
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  9. If you enter the world and find block samples, you are successful!
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2. Open in Server

  1. It is assumed that a server environment such as Bukkit has already been built. This section explains how to load a sample world using the same server while keeping the world data you use on the server. As a precaution, take a backup of your server world folder.
  2. With the server closed, click and drag the saved data folder in the sample world zip to the first level of the server folder (where craftbukkit.jar is located). (refer to 1-2.)
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  4. The folder name "Sample World v xxx [MiniaTuria 1.7.10]" is complicated, so change it to "sample".
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  6. Open "" file with Notepad or some text editor. Find "level-name = world", that specifies the name of the world you want to start on the server, and retype "level-name = sample". Also, leave the old folder named "world" for example, initially set at this time.
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  8. Start the server and Minecraft. If you enter the server and find a world with block samples, you are successful! Also, if you change the "level-name = sample" to "level-name = world (original name)" and restart the server, you can reopen the original world.
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    * If you don't open the data with the same way and, using MC Edit or World Edit, cut and paste block samples to another world, the biome will not be reflected and you will not be able to correctly use the samples.

    * If Plugins such as DynaMap or MultiversCore are installed, this way to open world may not match the plugin config and may not function properly. Please take responsibility for your changeing data.