BetterFoliageMod Settings - JE1.7.10


We strongly recommend that you install "BetterFoliage" Mod when using MiniaTuria 1.7.10. However, with the default settings, some textures do not look as designed. First, let's adjust the Mod settings.

  1. Textures such as brick flower beds in the grass block (ID2) are not displayed correctly. This is a result of the mod's ability to make the sides of Grass block look natural ...
  2. image1
  3. On the play screen, use the F8 key to open the BetterFoliage specific settings screen and select "Connected grass textures".
  4. image2
  5. Change "Enable" from true to false and you're done. (It doesn't matter which one is "snow Enable")
  6. image3
  7. Close the setting screen with the Esc key, and if the brick flowerbed texture looks like the image, the setting is complete!
  8. image4
  9. By the way, if you set "Dense mode" to true in the "Extre Leaves" setting of the leaf block, the leaf texture will be skewed and the density will increase. You can choose which one you like, but the pack is designed so that the textures will connect neatly when set to false.
  10. image5