MiniaTuria 1.7.10
- Release Notes

1. Overview

A texture pack for building in Minecraft JE 1.7.10 creative mode. With cute textures, it enables many genres of architectures, from medieval fantasy to Western modern style, from Japanese, Chinese style to tropical style.

Nakahama-san's work
built by Nakahama-san
Abundant furniture

Abundant furniture, such as country, antique and modern styles

American diner

Have a colorful American diner!

Cardboardman's work
built by Cardboardman

Electric wires, wheels and Japanese tiles. Taisho-Roman style city!


Chinese-style windows and decorations!
* All pictures are taked with Oceano Shaders 2.0.

The pack has been released, but it is not yet complete😂 Repeat the update and aim for completion! See the section "Update" for detail

2. Features

Metadata / Biomes

More than 1,200 textures can be used using Metadata values and biome changes.

64 * 64px textures

This pack basically uses 32 * 32px resolution textures, but using 64 * 64px textures for plants, expresses a detailed and beautiful landscape.


“Better Foliage”, the MOD that enriches natural expression, is applied to cylinders, drums and so on.

pseudo 3D expression

Using CTM (Connected Textures Mod), built-in function of OptiFine, enables pseudo 3D expression in 1.7.10 where 3D model editing is impossible.

CTM roofs

CTM is used to make the connection natural, such as the roof tile orientation and awning pattern.

Reflected glass and metal

Supports specular mapping. When a shader is used, light is reflected only at specific parts, creating a glass or metallic character.

Japanese and Chinese-style

Japanese and Chinese-style materials! You can make a Taisho Roman city, Japanese and Western mix city, and Chinatown in a Western-style town.

Unique biome system

Biome table

If you try to put out, with biomes, roof textures, windows and interior textures at the same time, these biomes may compete and you may not get the texture combination you want ! …… MiniaTuria 1.7.10 tried to solve such a cace with an original biome system.

Not only that, MiniaTuria 1.7.10 succeeded in increasing the types of roofs. At first glance, it looks too complicated...but experience it, so you will be convinced this is convenient.

3. Requirements and Recommended MODs / Plugins

Forge and OptiFine

  1. An environment that enables useing HD textures (resolution of 32 * 32px or higher), is required (OptiFine).
  2. CTM (Connected Textures Mod built in OptiFine), is required.
  3. MODs / Plugins that enable manipulating both metadata and biomes, is needed.
  1. Single play - you neede to install Forge, which is the premise of MOD such as World Edit that enables operation of meta / biome, and OptiFine.
  2. Server play - you need to install at least OptiFine, even if you use server plug-ins instead of MODs.
    (Forge MODs are more convenient for building, so recommend using Forge even for server building.)

Required MOD / Recommended MOD

MOD name / Download
Minecraft Forge MC 1.7.10
MODs (other than OptiFine) can be introduced into Minecraft.
OptiFine (Necessary)
In addition to lightening Minecraft, you will be able to use high-resolution textures of 32 * 32 px and higher, as well as visual enhancement functions (required for using this pack), such as CTM and Custom Sky.
World Edit (Forge version or LiteLoader version)
(Necessary in single play / Not required on server side)
Enables freely setting metadata blocks and change biomes.
Lot Meta Block Pack
(Both single and multi are recommended)
Block metadata can be changed easily. (The distribution website has been closed, so please get it from the creator's mirror link)
(Highly recommended)
Specific textures such as leaf blocks and cylinders are expressed as designed by the pack.(The processing method varies depending on the MOD version, so please use the version specified by this pack.

Bukkit Plugin useful for building on Server

Plugin name / Download
World Edit (Recommended)
(for Bukkit 1.7.10)
Enables freely changing Block metadata and biomes. (However, you need to log back in to the server in order to reflect biomes.)
Biome Edit
Biomes can be changed using a brush. (The biome can be changed without logging in to the server again)
Voxel Sniper (Recommended)
Biomes can be changed using a brush. (The biome can be changed without logging in to the server again)
Meta Cycler (Recommended)
World Guard is required for installation.
Allows metadata / biome changes using brushes.
Lot Meta Block Plugin (Recommended)
Required to use Lot Meta Block Mod on the server.
Mush Place (Recommended)
Flowers and mushrooms (which contain miscellaneous goods textures) can be installed in places where they cannot be installed directly.

Please search explanation websites or videos for how to build a server, use metadata, MOD / Plugin, installation method, etc.

4. Installation of this pack / Initial settings

I. Put the pack in Minecraft

  1. Launch Minecraft (OptiFine installed). Open "Options" on top screen or play screen.
  2. Explanation image1
  3. Open "Resource Packs".
  4. Explanation image2
  5. Click "Open resource pack folder" to open the folder where resource packs are stored.
  6. Explanation image3
  7. Click and drag "MiniaTuria 1.7.10" zip (downloaded from this page) into the opened folder. Even if you return to Minecraft screen, the pack will not be displayed in the “Available Resource Packs” column as it is, so press “Done” to close it.
  8. Explanation image4
  9. If you select and open "Resource Packs" again, the pack should be displayed in the list. Click on the ▲ mark that appears when you place the cursor on the icon. The pack icon will then move to "Selected Resource Packs". At last, press "Done".
  10. Explanation image5
  11. It will take a while to load and it will harden a little ... In some cases, the Minecraft window may turn white. Let's wait without fear!
    If reading is complete and settings screen and title screen have changed, installation was successful! Delicious textures!
  12. Explanation image6

II. Enable CTM

The texture may not be reflected as designed simply by inserting the pack. Let's set up your Minecraft first so that CTM works.
  1. Open "Options"> "Video Settings"> "Quality" on Minecraft top screen or play screen.
  2. Explanation image1
    Explanation image1
  3. Sellect "Connected Textures" and set "Fancy". (If it was originally set, leave it as is)
  4. Explanation image2

III. Initial settings of Better Foliage MOD

When introducing Better Foliage MOD (highly recommended), some textures will not display as designed with the default settings. Let's adjust the MOD settings first.
  1. Textures such as brick flower beds in the grass block (ID2) are not displayed correctly if they look like images. This is the result of the MOD function that naturally shows sides of the grass block.
  2. Explanation image1
  3. On the play screen, open Better Foliage settings with theF8key and select "Connected grass textures".
  4. Explanation image2
  5. Change "Enable" from true to false. ("SnowEnable" can be either)
  6. Explanation image3
  7. Close the setting screen byEsckey. If the brick flower bed textures look like the image, initial setting is complete!
  8. Explanation image4
  9. By the way, if you set "Dense mode" frome false to true in the "Extre Leaves" setting, the density of leaves increases. Whichever you prefer, the pack is designed so that the texture is connected cleanly when set to false.
  10. Explanation image5

5. About the sample world

Catalog and samples

Catalog and samples are useful to know what textures are available.

the sample world

The difference between "sample world" and "catalog" is that the former is arranged in the order of metadata values.

Biome Chart by using blocks

There is a chart showing the original biome system introduced in the section "Features".

Biome Chart

On the top are roofs, and on the bottom are color changeable textures, such as awning tents and windows, etc. You can see that the top remains the same no matter how much the bottom changes. You can see that there are two groups of biomes and the type of roof has doubled. Detailed explanation on another page!

Comimg Soon!!

Comimg Soon!!

The pink block labeled “Coming Soon!!” indicates that planned textures have not yet been completed. Please expect the update!😂

Exhibition of testers' works

Harumaki-san's work
built by Harumaki-san

In the sample world, not only blocks chart but also 32 x 32 blocks crafts made by MiniaTuria Beta Testers. You will find many wonderful works of various tastes. It will be a good reference for how to use MiniaTuria textures.

6. Updates

Updates "v1.0.x" until all the textures are aligned. At that point, the version will be raised to "v1.1" to be the official full version. Please check the "Update Notes" below for details on each update.